Le Studio Vancouver Photobooth Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get re-prints?

Re-prints can be ordered online from our galleries available the next day after the event. With our easy-to-use system you can also download the originals.

Why don't I just scan or print the photos on my own?

We don't mind if you do, but we can quickly do the work for you with just a few clicks! Downloads are available for only $0.99 as well as enlargements and other photo merchandise. Exclusive to our online prints we include the premium Lustre finish which has a satin-like sheen and a textured surface bringing the best of both glossy and matte worlds.

How long does it take for prints and photo merchandise to ship?

We've partnered with a premier Photo Lab in the United States to ensure you get the same high-quality level as you do with our own prints. Typical shipping times range between 1-3 weeks to Canada.

How does Le Studio Photobooth work?

Simply touch the screen and strike a pose. Have your picture instantaneously projected in a constantly evolving slideshow. Seconds later a print will be ready for you to cherish.

What's the difference between Le Studio Photobooth and other Photobooths?

Anybody can go online and buy a photobooth these days...

Hollywood photobooth Sales Photobooth
...but some of these seem to be better suited for shopping malls.

Le Studio's Photobooth is an elegant and modern update to the traditional photobooth. Class and quality were key concepts of our design. Our 10.1 megapixel camera offers high-quality pictures that can be printed in 10 seconds. Setup is quick and easy and our booth can go almost anywhere there is power.

How much does Le Studio Photobooth cost to rent?

Our rates are very competitive and vary depending on the size and duration of the event. Please contact us here for more details and a personalized quote.

What kind of events do you do?

We designed our photobooth to be uniquely scalable and versatile for many different events ranging from small birthday parties to weddings and corporate events.

How long does it take for the photos to print?

Using the latest in digital printing technology, we are able to print images approximately 10 seconds after an image is processed.

How big are the prints?

Our standard-sized prints are 4x6 inches, however, larger sizes can be requested.

How often can guests use the photobooth during the event?

We provide unlimited usage of the photobooth for you and your guests for the duration the event.

How much space does Le Studio Photobooth require?

Our unique and simple design is small enough to fit into the tightest of spaces. It only requires about 4x5 feet and can easily be transported to most venues.

How long does it take to setup the photobooth?

Basic setup takes approximately 30 minutes.

Is it possible to brand Le Studio Photobooth?

Yes. We offer custom branding on all prints, slideshows and the photobooth itself.

Is there an on-site technician?

Yes. We provide professional on-site support to setup and take-down the photobooth for your event.